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Key account management is critical for organizations to prosper in the marketplace. This course is designed to take participants through every stage of the key account process in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Upon completion participants will be able to complete an account plan for key accounts.

Module One: Importance Of Key Account Management

  • What is key account management?

  • Why use key account management?

  • Differentiation & key accounts

  • Key account management cycle

  • Group activities

Module Two: Selecting Key Accounts

  • How to select key accounts

  • Group activities

Module Three: The Account Profile

  • How to complete an account profile

  • Group activities

Module Four: Value-Added Search

  • How to conduct a value added search on a key account

  • Group activities

Module Five: Account SWOT Analysis

  • How to complete an account SWOT

  • Group activities


Module Six: Building Strategic Relationships

  • How to build & maintain strategic relationships

  • Group activities

Module Seven: The Account Plan

  • How to complete an account plan for key accounts

  • Procedures for implementation

  • Evaluation and follow up


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